06 December 2010

Day 2 of ASCILITE 2010

The plenary speakers this morning included Lev Gonick from Cleveland - talking about a massive project to link up hundreds of citizens via fibre optic broadband and provide them with ongoing health monitoring ... among other things.  Bit too Big Brother-ish for my liking. Tom Reeves was very funny, provocative, and quite charming. He recommended some books that will go on the library order, too.

Spent the afternoon (after my own presentation) listening to presentations on the use of 3D virtual worlds in education ... which was surprisingly interesting. (Did I just show a bias?) Apparently dozens of people across Australia are doing amazing things in Second Life ... who knew? Andrew Cram presented some early findings from his PhD studies on the use of actors in virtual worlds to set up ethical dilemmas for students ... something very intriguing there.

Felt my own presentation was a little rushed, but will follow up on a request to create a longer version of the presentation and post a link on this blog.  Nice to be wanted!  Thanks Ann and Beth.

Off to the conference dinner in a few minutes ... which I hope to enjoy as much as others, even though I won't be wearing a Kiss Me Quick sailor's hat after all. (It's fancy dress - an ASCILITE tradition.)

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